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Recipe: Tasty Antipasto appetizer

Antipasto appetizer. Antipasto Appetizer Cheese Board - Learn how to build the absolute PERFECT antipasto platter! It's unbelievably easy and sure to be a crowd-pleaser for all your guests! See more ideas about antipasto, appetizers, eat.

Antipasto appetizer Antipasto means before the meal in Italian and this easy recipe is the perfect Italian appetizer. An Antipasto platter of cured meats, olives, and marinated veggies is a fool-proof hit when feeding a crowd! These antipasto skewers are excellent appetizers for parties, picnics, and more! You can have Antipasto appetizer using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Antipasto appetizer

  1. You need 12 each of grape tomatoes.
  2. Prepare 12 each of pitted olives - socialism style.
  3. Prepare 12 oz of marinated artichoke can.
  4. Prepare 4 oz of mozzarella cubes.
  5. It's 4 oz of summer sausage cubed.
  6. It's 3 each of mini sweet pepper.

A couple months ago I shared a photo of the antipasto skewers I made for my friend's baby shower that I co-hosted. A festive Italian meal generally begins with a variety of appetizers, which are known as antipasti-literally, before the meal. Starting the Meal: An Antipasto Misto. How are the words Antipasto and Appetizer related?

Antipasto appetizer instructions

  1. place artichokes with marinade in bowl.
  2. cut cheese and sausage into cubes.
  3. slice peppers into rings.
  4. mix ingredients and allow to marinade in refrigerator.

Antipasto and Appetizer are synonymous, and they have mutual synonyms. One of my favorite ways to create color, beauty, and scrumptious appetizers all at the same time is to create antipasto boards. The most common appetizer antipasto material is ceramic. An antipasto platter is a delicious combination of cheeses, vegetables and meats, usually served In addition to the antipasto platter, you might want to think about having some appetizer serving plates. Find great Antipasto Appetizer Recipes, rated and reviewed for you, including the most popular and newest Antipasto Appetizer Recipes such as "sausage frittata".