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How to Make Perfect Dessert :Sweet potatoe Ball

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Dessert :Sweet potatoe Ball When the oil is fully heated, deep fry the sweet potato balls until golden brown. In Indonesia, there are desserts made with all sorts of different things that you eat with palm sugar syrup and coconut milk. This type of sweets is called Kolak. You can have Dessert :Sweet potatoe Ball using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Dessert :Sweet potatoe Ball

  1. Prepare 2 of Sweet potatoes.
  2. Prepare of Sweet potatoes flour or tropical flour.
  3. You need of Sugar.
  4. It's 1.5 of tbps water.
  5. It's of Oil for frying.

Some popular ones are Kolak Pisang (Pisang means banana), Kolak Ubi (Ubi means sweet potato), and Kolak Biji Salak which is sweet potato balls. This post may contain affiliate links. The dessert contained cooked beans, taro (yam) balls and sweet potato balls in a sweet syrup and lots of crushed ice. Peel and cube sweet potato on the plate.

Dessert :Sweet potatoe Ball step by step

  1. Peel off the sweet Potatoes skin, slice it in to pieces and steam it for 10-15min until it is soft.
  2. Mash the sweet potatoes once it is soft and add in sugar to mix with it..
  3. Add in flour and 1.5tablespoon water and all mix it well into a dough..
  4. Slice and rub the dough into small dough.
  5. Heat oil in pan and ready to fry until going brown, ready to served.

It should be firm enough to stand as a ball and not too soft that it sticks to your hands. The dough for classic sesame balls is made of glutinous rice flour, sugar and water. For my sweet potato version of sesame balls, there is no water needed as sweet potatoes naturally contain water. Cut the Taro / Sweet Potatos into cubes or smaller pieces. Sweet Potato Pie Cake Roll Smooth cream cheese filling is all rolled up in the cinnamony sweet potato flavor of this cake.