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How to Cook Yummy Vegan bread pudding

Vegan bread pudding. Check Out Vegan Pudding On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay. In a large bowl, combine the soy milk, sugar, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, raisins, and chopped almonds.

Vegan bread pudding Combine the margarine, cinnamon, ginger and orange zest in a bowl. Halve the bread slices diagonally, then place roughly a third into the dish in a single layer. Stir soy milk, raisins, sugar, almonds, vanilla extract, and cinnamon together in a separate bowl and pour over the bread. You can cook Vegan bread pudding using 8 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Vegan bread pudding

  1. It's 400 g of stale bread, cubed or shredded to pieces.
  2. You need 400 g of dried fruit (a mixture - add mixed peel too if you have it).
  3. You need 100 g of brown sugar.
  4. It's 1 tbsp of ground flax seed.
  5. You need 1 tbsp of mixed spice (mix of cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg, with a little allspice and cloves).
  6. It's 500 ml of plant milk (any kind).
  7. It's 50 ml of sunflower oil.
  8. It's Handful of granulated sugar (white or brown) for sprinkling.

How to make vegan bread pudding Cut white bread into cubes and place into a mixing bowl with some raisins. Then blend up a sauce of coconut cream, cashews, coconut oil, white sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extract. In a blender, puree the flax seeds, sugar, half and half and salt and then pour over the fruit and bread mixture. The flax seeds will add an eggy consistency!

Vegan bread pudding instructions

  1. Add the bread, fruit, sugar, flax and spices to a large mixing bowl and stir together..
  2. Stir in the milk and oil, and set this aside for an hour to soak. Add more milk if needed as the bread will absorb a lot of moisture..
  3. Heat the oven to 160C. Grease or line a square baking tin or oven dish, and spoon in the mixture, pressing it down firmly with the back of the spoon. Sprinkle very generously with granulated sugar and bake for 1 hour..

Add the bread cubes into a glass baking dish and then pour over the liquid mixture. There's no need to use vegan butter on the bread, as the vanilla-marmalade custard absorbs and moistens. Vegan Savoury Bread Pudding from us - Veganlovlie - recipe below (video above) Pin this image for future reference. Vegan Savoury Bread Pudding with Mushrooms and Spinach. Here are a few ideas to change up this vegan savoury bread pudding and make it your own.