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How to Prepare Perfect Mukkani dessert

Mukkani dessert. Here we present you with one of the tastiest recipe that you can make with fruits - Mukkani Halwa. Mukkani payasam recipe with step-wise pictures and video recipe. Mukkani payasam is a sesonal dessert prepared with three different summer fruits - Mango, Jackfruit and Banana.

Mukkani dessert Find a new favorite treat in this delectable collection of traditional Mexican desserts and inventive sweets inspired by the spices and dishes of Mexico. Ye s I've eaten it fresh as well as in curries and desserts but I don't crave for the fruit in any form. Mukkani is considered as a food for Gods was mentioned in Vedas. You can have Mukkani dessert using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Mukkani dessert

  1. It's of Mango riped.
  2. It's of Banana.
  3. Prepare of Jack fruit.
  4. You need of Honey.
  5. You need of Milk.

Japanese desserts Image adapted from (clockwise from top-left): @chihiro_cafe.sweets, @igpppppppppp, @ninaeatseverything, @horizaki_oyatsu Here are some really festive Japanese desserts, from most popular Japanese desserts to wagashi (Japanese confectionery) that will impress your guests! Homecooked food & dessert catered to requirement. Rest of the fruits and nuts optional or to the availability. Finde was du suchst - kรถstlich & schnell.

Mukkani dessert step by step

  1. Cut all the fruits into small pieces and put it mixi jar.
  2. Add honey and milk and grind as smooth.
  3. Add some crushed ice, pour it in a glass add some, fruit chunks and rose syrup.
  4. Serve as dessert..

Jetzt ausprobieren mit ♥ ♥. Mukkani-Then Kalavai - THE Three Fruits in Honey Medley! Ancient days Tamilians used to relish this mukkani with honey. These three fruits are the sweetest native fruits of South India. The Japanese were making desserts for centuries before sugar was widely available in Japan.