Easiest Way to Make Perfect Yoghurt and Berries (simple healthy snack)

Yoghurt and Berries (simple healthy snack). Yoghurt, strawberries (reccomended), blueberries (recommended), raspberries (recommended), fruits of your choice. If you'r'e looking for a quick and nutritious snack this recipe is perfect for you. This has been my go-to snack for years, and most people think it's.

Yoghurt and Berries (simple healthy snack) What I do allow at my desk is water. A super nice, quick and healthy berry yogurt snack. Tastes heavenly and so easy to make. You can cook Yoghurt and Berries (simple healthy snack) using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Yoghurt and Berries (simple healthy snack)

  1. Prepare of Yoghurt.
  2. It's of Strawberries (reccomended).
  3. It's of Blueberries (recommended).
  4. It's of Raspberries (recommended).
  5. It's of Fruits of your choice.

Such a quick and tasty snack. If you don't mind I'll have some. Thank you and let me know if you do it! Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothie with frozen berries, vanilla yogurt, and almond milk makes a healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert!

Yoghurt and Berries (simple healthy snack) instructions

  1. Rinse berries (optional).
  2. Cut up Strawberries (optional).
  3. Mix ingredients in a bowl.
  4. Enjoy your healthy snack :).

Made with unsweetened dairy-free milk and yogurt ensures it's free from refined sugars and lets you control the sweetener. Healthy homemade yogurt parfaits are simple to make. Perfect for an easy grab-n-go breakfast, quick snack or after dinner treat. First: Add a scoop of yogurt. Next: Toss some fresh or frozen fruit of your choice on top of the yogurt.

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